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How to be Heebie Jeebie Free

The Secret of Warm Fuzzies

Karen White Porter is a Director of Loga Springs Academy and a Nationally Board Certified Teacher. After graduating from Rutgers University with a Masters Degree in language education, she started teaching children. She has taught at East China Normal University in Shangha, P.R. China, Hofstra University in Hempstead N.Y., Hillside Public Schools in New Jersey, Saint Andrews University in Saint Andrews Scotland, Belcher Elementary in Clearwater Florida, The University of South Florida, The State University of Florida, and Loga Springs Academy. She started her own school Loga Springs Academy in Gainesville, Florida and began to be inspired by her students who were self publishing with Amazon. After working for over 25 years grading students papers, she tried to have a go at being the creator she was trying to see. She has co-authored several books with her daughter about feelings in her ‘Emotatude’ series.  Her most recent and popular works are How to be Heebie Jeebie Free, What to do When you get the Bejeebers Scared Out of You, The Secret of Warm Fuzzies, Picking Up the Pieces of a Kanipshun Fit, and Turtle One and Turtle Two. Her Abby's Read Along Sing Along Picture Books are still used as classroom readers in Pinellas County Schools. She has developed several children's book series and is currently working to bring them to print for a wider audience.

Turtle One and Turtle Two